A Short Description Of The New Game, Halo Reach

Halo Reach was a highly anticipated first-person shooter game that was released to the public on September 14th. The game takes place in 2552 with the human race at war with an alien Covenant. It is the sixth and possibly final installment of the Halo series. On the day it was released, Reach grossed over two hundred million dollars in sales and it has continued to climb.

It takes place right before the plot of Combat Evolved, in the year 2552. Human beings, on their planet Reach, are slowly losing a war with the extra terrestrial Covenant. The United Nations SC works from their military post on Reach and are frantically trying to squash further attacks from the aliens. To most of the eight hundred million humans, they are battling a lost cause.

In the edition, players are in control the role of Noble 6, a young super soldier who is battling in the fight against the organized and religious aliens. Though most of the memorable guns from the previous installment have been deleted, this one has a lot of new guns with unique capabilities. Many of them were upgraded, made more powerful and given a better rate of fire.

Reach follows the Noble Team's situations, focusing on the new soldiers or Spartan-IIIs. You act as the new, nameless, and genderless soldier, Noble 6. The playable soldier is labeled to be a sort of lone wolf and an extremely good assassin. Though, you are also made aware of its human side when they are shown helping people and other Spartans.

Your squadron's commander and second in charge of Noble Team are Carter and Kat, respectively. These two Spartans are Noble Team's only soldiers left and are labeled to be strong no nonsense soldiers. New characters in this Halo installment include Emile, Jun, and Jorge. A crucial artificial intelligence life form in this game is that of Auntie Dot. She is a women computer program that oversees the day to day monitoring and helping of the Noble Team.

Although present in the books, Catherine Halsey finally makes her first appearance in this game. A civilian scientist with the Space Command, she is mostly responsible for the Spartan children. She is an important figure to the Spartans in this game.

Master Chief and Miranda Keys, characters from previous games, do not resume roles in this addition, sadly. Avery Johnson, though, the resident comic relief of halo will make an appearance in the tutorial of the game.


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